ReferenciasReferencias (1999)

From one plane to another, relationships and networks are immediately knotted, such that we better understand the differences between these planes, but then we will proceed by trying everything on the same plane: someone passing by, a nomad who sets out to conquer something … Gilles Deleuze

Referencias uses various approaches to recursive and fractal systems, submergingthe user, as the browsing proceeds, into a series of stories whose narrators are the stories themselves. These stories share several basic traits – which constitute the connection between one another – but touch upon different topics, closely related to the development of society in the modern world: space, time, the constitutive elements of matter, hierarchies, music, mathematics, machines…

The elements that form these stories work at two different levels: on the one hand, as if they were independent atoms of information; on the other, as part of more complex structures. Each one of these stories allows the user to control a different level of interactivity in a long process, which involves the search, and questioning of the elements at hand within a labyrinthine system of links.

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